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Visiting Guide for watching flowers in Tokyo and Japan

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Cherry blossom in spring is very beautiful and Autumn foliage is also. However, there are many beautiful flowers in Japan seasons to seasons. When and where you can find these beautiful flowers? It is my pleasure if this web-page can help you to get information on flowers in Tokyo and Japan.





Japan is known by its rich variety of flowers and Plants thanks to variation of nature on north-south long archipelago in mild climate with four seasons.

If you are lucky as staying in beginning of April, you may find cherry blossoms "Sakura" blooming in everywhere, such as gardens, parks and even in road-sides. Then in autumn, you can find red and yellow autumn foliage, too.

Unfortunately, the best blooming time of famous cherry variety "Someiyoshino" can be one week or 10days. However, do not worry, there are hundreds of cherry varieties in Japan, and you can find early blooming variety such as "Kawazu" in early February, and late variety "Sekiyama" will be blooming until late April. Also There are some unique varieties named "October cherry" blooming in Autumn.

In spring time, cherry is not only beautiful blossoms in Tokyo, Japanese Apricot "Ume" which start blooming in January and February, and Pink color of Peach blossoms "Momo" is also very impressive in March.

In Autumn, Maples, Ginkgos, Wax trees and other deciduous trees change their leaves red and yellows before falling. It can be difficult to predict the best time to see, since it depends on temperature in Summer and Autumn. But you may select the place time to time, usually Autumn foliage starts top of the mountain in the North region and down to mountain foot in south region. Usually, Tokyo is the last timing for Autumn foliage. 

Not only top of the tree, there are a lot of pretty flowers on the ground, spring ephemeral or wild flowers in each seasons. Also you can enjoy many garden flowers in parks or botanical gardens.

Where we can admire these beauties? In some gardens, Japanese style or Western style, varieties of flowering trees are planted and many visitors come to on its peak season. In some parks, Japanese garden or Western style garden is constructed in some portions. Botanical gardens are best place to find many garden flowers also wild flowers. 

Best seasons and Best places

This table shows best seasons of flowers and place to find

Spring Peach



The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Ueno park, Imperial Palace (Chidorigafuchi), Asukayama park, Inokashira park

Nezu-shrine, Rikugien garden, Kyu-Furukawa garden 

Summer Whisteria


Japanese Iris (Iris ensata)

Bigleaf hydrangea

Kameido shirine, Koishikawa korakuen

Shinjyuku gyoen garden, Jindai botanical gardens

Koishikawa korakuenThe East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Hakusan shrine, Hamarikyu garden , The East Gardens of the Imperial PalaceJindai botanical gardens

Autumn Red spider lily

Chrysanthemum (Florist’s daisy)

Autumn foliage

Koishikawa korakuen, Kincyakuda (Saitama pref.)

Hibiya park

Koishikawa koranken

Winter Tree peony

Japanese apricot

Ueno park


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