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About the data of flowers included in this website

This website contains photographs and data of approximately 2,000 species and varieties, mainly of temperate plants in Japan and tropical plants in Thailand but from all over the world. There is a comprehensive list arranged by the Botanic name, English and Japanese common name of the posted plants, but it may take time to read and find because the number of recorded plants is large.

You can also search for plants using the free search inside site. In the free search, you can freely search not only by the common name of the plant, but also by the alias of the plant, the synonym of the botanic name, the characteristics of the plant, etc.

However, if you search by general terms, many pages may be displayed as related pages. When there are many search results, it will be displayed from the newly posted page. If there is an indication of older posts at the end of the search results, click it to display new data.

You can also search by flower color or fruit color. It is displayed in English, but if you click the color of the flower or the color of the fruit, it will be displayed from the newly posted page.

If you know the characteristics of a plant, such as whether it is a temperate or tropical plant, or whether it is a flower or a tall tree or herbaceous flower, please search from the table of contents by region and type below. The table of contents can be searched by sorting by botanical name, English name, or Japanese name at the top of the table.

There are many varieties of cherry blossoms and roses, so please search for them on individual section below.

Plant list of uploaded

Click on the letters below to see a list with botanical names, English names, and Japanese names.

A table of contents with thumbnail images makes it easier to find plants by looking at the photos. However, since the data is large, it may take some time to load.

In that case, please use the table of contents without images.

The loaded list is arranged in alphabetical order by botanical name, but you can sort it in the order by clicking the triangle mark on the right side of the Japanese or English text at the top of the list. You can also search by entering the plant name in the box at the top of the table.

Whole plant list with thumbnail (be careful with very large data contents)
Whole plant list without thumbnail

Free search within the site for flowers and plants

You can search from right search  column, by inputting, botanical name. English common name, japanese name or any other characteristics.. When you search by Japanese, please use Katakana Japanese name.

Search by color of flowers and fruits

If you click on the color of the flower or fruit from the English letters listed in the column below, the corresponding page will be displayed. The size of the letters indicates the number of pages included.

Species and Varieties of Cherry

Cherry var. Fugenzou/ フゲンゾウCherry is the most popular and symbol blossom in spring. We can find many kind of species and varieties of cherries in Japan . Please jump to a page of All species and varieties of cherry in Japan to explore many kind of cherries in Japan
Index of cherry variety with thumbnail (large size)
Index of cherry variety without thumbnail

Species and Varieties of Rose

Modern garden rose/ Double Delight ダブルディライトRose is the one of most loved flower in the world, and many species or varieties have been identified or developed. Please find many pictures of Rose, Jump to page of story of Rose
Index of rose variety with thumbnail (large size)
Index of rose variety without thumbnail

Please enjoy beautiful flowers and places.

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Recent Flower News

Cerasus × kanzakura ‘Kawazu-zakura’/ Cherry var. Kawazu-zakura/ カワヅザクラ 河津桜The color of the flowers and the early blooming that blooms downward are considered to be the influence of the Taiwan cherry (Cerasus campanulata), and the large size of flower is coming from Oshima cherry (Cerasus speciosa ) and this vaiety is consdered to be develpped by natural cross of both varieties.
Cerasus × kanzakura ‘Kawazu-zakura’/ Cherry var. Kawazu-zakura/ カワヅザクラ 河津桜
Kawadzu town, Shizuoka 2022.02.27

Park and garden

Index which shows list of parks, gardens where we can enjoy flowers, Jump to Index page.

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