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How to find your target flower

I have uploaded more than 1,500 species or varieties. You can find your target flower from a whole plant list if you have already known the name of target plant. But if you have more information, such as plant in template or tropical zone, or herbaceous or woody flower, please select appropriate table from nex below columns and search your target flower from these lists, it can be more effective. You can sort line order by botanical name, English name and Japanese in each table. In addition, you can find more specifically search cherry and rose from special page.

Whole plant list is here.
Whole plant list with thumbnail (be careful with very large data contents)
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How to search your target flower

You can search from right search  column, by inputting, botanical name. English common name, japanese name or any other characteristics.. When you search by Japanese, please use Katakana Japanese name.

Species and Varieties of Cherry

Cherry var. Fugenzou/ フゲンゾウCherry is the most popular and symbol blossom in spring. We can find many kind of species and varieties of cherries in Japan . Please jump to a page of All species and varieties of cherry in Japan to explore many kind of cherries in Japan
Index of cherry variety with thumbnail (large size)
Index of cherry variety without thumbnail

Species and Varieties of Rose

Modern garden rose/ Double Delight ダブルディライトRose is the one of most loved flower in the world, and many species or varieties have been identified or developed. Please find many pictures of Rose, Jump to page of story of Rose
Index of rose variety with thumbnail (large size)
Index of rose variety without thumbnail

Please enjoy beautiful flowers and places.

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Recent Flower News

Cerasus × kanzakura ‘Kawazu-zakura’/ Cherry var. Kawazu-zakura/ カワヅザクラ 河津桜The color of the flowers and the early blooming that blooms downward are considered to be the influence of the Taiwan cherry (Cerasus campanulata), and the large size of flower is coming from Oshima cherry (Cerasus speciosa ) and this vaiety is consdered to be develpped by natural cross of both varieties.
Cerasus × kanzakura ‘Kawazu-zakura’/ Cherry var. Kawazu-zakura/ カワヅザクラ 河津桜
Kawadzu town, Shizuoka 2022.02.27

Park and garden

Index which shows list of parks, gardens where we can enjoy flowers, Jump to Index page.

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