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Cherry var. Fugenzou/ フゲンゾウCherry is the most popular and symbol blossom in spring. Please find many pictures of Cherry.  Jump to page of Cherry
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Modern garden rose/ Double Delight ダブルディライトRose is the one of most loved flower in the world, and many species or varieties have been identified or developed. Please find many pictures of Rose, Jump to page of Rose
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Recent Flower News

Iris sanguinea/ Blood-red iris/ アヤメAYAME or KAKITSUBATA
Now "blood-red iris: Ayame (Iris sanguinea)" is blooming on dry field and "Rabit-ear iris : Kakitsubata (Iris laevigata)" is on shallow pond bed. Both are resemble but Ayame has net shape pattern bottom of petal and Kakutsubata has clear white (or pale yellow) stripe on petal.
Iris sanguinea/ Blood-red iris/ Ayame アヤメ 綾目

Iris laevigata/ Rabit-ear iris/ Kakutsubataカキツバタ 杜若

Iris laevigata/ Rabit-ear iris/ カキツバタ

Syakujii park Nerima Tokyo 10 May


Park and garden

Index which shows list of parks, gardens where we can enjoy flowers, Jump to Index page.

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