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Thank you for your visiting my web-site.                                     日本語ページはこちらです。Japanse page is here.

In this web-site, I uploaded classified pictures of flowers and plants of more than 1000 species and varieties that I met and took pictures in Japan, Thailand and other countries all over the world.

I majored in agronomy in Hokkaido University and have more than 30 year job experience relating to agricultural sector in Japan as well as 2 year in Rome (1988-1990) and 3 year in Bangkok (2012-2014). Also during more than 30 years I have been given chance to visit more than 50 countries to find many many beautiful and interesting flowers.

However, many cases in foreign countries, it might be hard to have detailed information, even name of these flowers since many of them were first time to meet. Particularly, during my stay in Bangkok, I have limited information in English or Japanese, and I have many unclassified pictures in my stock.

After I returned to Japan in 2015, I have many opportunities to take flower pictures in Japan. I think it could be useful for non-Japanese people who interested in Japanese flowers with my information with classified pictures in English with other pictures taken in Thailand and other countries. And I have uploaded them one by one.

In Japan, there are many good botanical garden, Japanese garden and parks where we can admire beautiful flowers not only cherry blossoms but also many flowers in four seasons. I also summarized information on these gardens and parks for offering to foreigners who would like to enjoy flowers in there.

It my pleasure if you can enjoy pictures of flowers in Japan and all over the world, also if it could be helpful for visitors to identify name or other information on unknown flowers.

If you are interested in flowers of four seasons in Japan and knowing more details, please click here.


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