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Date in yellow is date of available of guiding, please select a day from colored in yellow.

When you click the date on the calendar, a booking form will be appeared. Please enter your data as much as possible (Your name and Email address are compulsory)

If you want to book more than one day, please click the first day and enter data as much as possible.And then click consecutive dates you want booking and enter your name and Email address for second day and later.

After you send your request, please proceed to a page of "shop" for paying guiding fee whole or deposit. Please follow instruction in pages. Deposit fee ids 30 % of total cost of your guiding fee.  Page of "shop" is here.

When I confirm your request and payment, I will contact you as soon as possible for confirming your booking. Until confirmation my email your booking will not be pending but no other person can book on your request days.

Please note this booking form is provisional until 8th of April 2020 and confirmation email will be sent after 8th of April.

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