About us

Thank you for visiting my web-site.  日本語ページはこちらです。Japanese page is here.

In this web-site, you can enjoy flower pictures of about 1500 species and varieties in Japan, Thailand and other countries all over the world. Also information on gardens and parks in Japan where many beautiful flowers can be enjoyed.

After graduated from the faculty of Agriculture in Hokkaido University, during my carrier relating to agriculture more than 35 years, I have chance to visit more than 50 countries and to meet many beautiful flowers in there.

However, sometimes, it is hard to know information of these flowers, even the name of these flowers. Particularly during 3 year stay in Bangkok, there were limited English or Japanese information, so I have still many unclassified pictures in there.

After I returned back to Japan in 2015, I noticed few English information on flowers in Japan, too. So, I think such information in English can be useful for non-Japanese people who interested in Japanese flowers. So I try to upload them with English information one by one, now it is around 1,500 species in this website.

In Japan, there are many good botanical garden, Japanese garden and parks where we can admire beautiful flowers. I also summarized information on these gardens and parks in English. And I start tour guiding as a National licensed guide in English for tourists interested in Japanese nature, flower garden and historical places.

It my pleasure if you can enjoy pictures of flowers in Japan and all over the world.

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