Chickweed/ Hakobe

Stellaria media / Chickweed/ ハコベ

学名/ Botanical name : Stellaria media 

シノニム/ Synonym : Alsine media, Stellaria Apetala 

英名/ English common name :  Chickweed

英別名/ Alternative English name: common chickweed, chickenwort, craches, maruns, winterweed.

日本名 和名/ Japanese common name : ハコベ  繁縷、蘩蔞

日本名別名/ Alternate Japanese name: コハコベ、ハコベラ、アサシラゲ

イタリア語名/Italian name: centocchio, herba gallina, morso di gallina, paperina comune, peverina

原産地/ Original : Eurasia


This species is used as a cooling herbal remedy, and grown as a vegetable crop and ground cover for both human and poultry consumption.




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