Smiling Monkey Forest Tree/ Miyama syogan

Michelia maudiae/ Smiling Monkey Forest Tree/ ミヤマガンショウ

学名/ Botanical name : Michelia maudiae

シノニム/ Synonym : Magnolia maudiae, Michelia chingii, Michelia maudiae var. rubicunda

英名/ English common name :  Smiling Monkey Forest Tree

日本名 和名/ Japanese common name : ミヤマガンショウ 深山含笑

日本名別名/ Alternate Japanese name: ミケリア・モウディアエ

原産地/ Original : China


Flowers on axillary shoots, white and fragrant, brachyblast with two to four bracts; tepals six to nine, the outer three broadly obovate and attenuate at the base, stamens with pale purple filaments; gynoecium stipitate with many carpels.




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