Lilium auratum var. platyphyllum/ Sakuyuri

Lilium auratum var. platyphyllum/ サクユリ

学名/ Botanical name : Lilium auratum var. platyphyllum

英名/ English common name :  Lilium auratum var. platyphyllum

英別名/ Alternative English name: gold band lily

日本名 和名/ Japanese common name : サクユリ 作百合

日本名別名/ Alternate Japanese name: タメトモユリ 為朝百合

イタリア語名/Italian name: giglio dorato del Giappone

原産地/ Original : Idzu island Japan


This is variety of Golden rayed lily native in Idzu island in Japan and the largest lily in the world. Brown spot which is seen in common golden rayed lily, but in this variety has few spots. This variety is used to develop useful culvar of Oriental hybrid like ‘Casa Blanca’




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