Yellow incised fumewort/ Miyama Kikeman

Corydalis pallida var. tenuis/ Yellow incised fumewort/ ミヤマキケマン

学名/ Botanical name : Corydalis pallida var. tenuis

シノニム/ Synonym : Corydalis hondoensis

英名/ English common name :  Yellow incised fumewort 

英別名/ Alternative English name: Miyama-kikeman

日本名 和名/ Japanese common name : ミヤマキケマン 深山黄華鬘

原産地/ Original : Japan


This is the yellow version of corydalis incisa, purple flower, and also poisonous.The Japanese name is Miyama-ki-keman literally meaning deep in the mountain yellow flower wreath but this plant is also found in low elevations. Have many flowers on the tip of single stem that is appealing. In April, grow upright stem from the center of the plant and bloom many tubular flowers with two lips and about 2 cm long.




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