Ground-ivy/ Kakidoshi

Glechoma hederacea subsp. grandis/ Ground-ivy/ カキドオシ

学名/ Botanical name : Glechoma hederacea subsp. grandis

シノニム/ Synonym : G. grandis, G. hederacea var. grandis

英名/ English common name :  Ground-ivy

英別名/ Alternative English name: gill-over-the-ground, creeping charlie, alehoof, tunhoof, catsfoot, field balm, run-away-robin, creeping jenny

日本名 和名/ Japanese common name : カキドオシ 垣通し

日本名別名/ Alternate Japanese name: レンセンソウ(連銭草)、カントリソウ(癇取草)

イタリア語名/Italian name: Edera terrestre

原産地/ Original : 


The Japanese name Kaki-dosi literally meaning going through fence was named because it grows through fences to the nextdoor gardens. Flowers are tubular lip-shaped and about 1.5 to 2.5 cm long. The color of flowers is light purple to red and the largest lower petal with purple dotted patterns.




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