Japanese cleyera/ Sakaki

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Cleyera japonica/ Japanese cleyera/ サカキ

学名/ Botanical name : Cleyera japonica

English common name :  Japanese cleyera

Alternative English name: sakaki

日本名 和名: サカキ 榊

日本名別名: ホンサカキ(本榊)

原産地/ Original : Japan, Taiwan, China, Myanmar, Nepal

神棚や祭壇に供えるなど、神道の神事にも用いられる植物。6月ごろ側枝の基部の側の葉腋から白い小さな花を咲かせます。花は1 – 4個が束状に出て、いずれも葉の下に出て、下向きに咲きます。

It can reach a height of 10 m. The leaves are 6–10 cm long, smooth, oval, leathery, shiny and dark green above, yellowish-green below, with deep furrows for the leaf stem. The small, scented, cream-white flowers open in early summer, and are followed later by berries which start red and turn black when ripe. It is considered sacred to Japanese Shintō faith, and is one of the classical offerings at Shintō shrines.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleyera_japonica



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