Tree of heaven/ Niwaurushi

Ailanthus altissima/ Tree of heaven/ ニワウルシ

学名/ Botanical name : Ailanthus altissima

シノニム/ Synonym : Ailanthus cacodendron, Ailanthus erythrocarpa, Ailanthus giraldii, Ailanthus glandulosa, Ailanthus guangxiensis, Ailanthus japonica, Ailanthus japonica, Ailanthus peregrina, Ailanthus pongelion, Ailanthus procera, Ailanthus rhodoptera, Ailanthus sinensis, Ailanthus sutchuensis, Ailanthus vilmoriniana, Albonia peregrina, Choerospondias auriculata, Rhus cacodendron,
Toxicodendron altissimum

English common name :  Tree of heaven

Alternative English name: ailanthus, varnish tree

日本名 和名: ニワウルシ 庭漆

日本名別名: シンジュ(神樹)

タイ語名/ Thai name: ต้นไม้แห่งสวรรค์ T̂nmị̂ h̄æ̀ng s̄wrrkh̒

イタリア語名/Italian name: albero del cielo

原産地/ Original : China, Taiwan


The tree grows rapidly and is capable of reaching heights of 15 m in 25 years. It is considered a noxious weed and vigorous invasive species, and one of the worst invasive plant species in Europe and North America. The flowers are small and appear in large panicles up to 50 cm in length at the end of new shoots. The individual flowers are yellowish green to reddish in color, each with five petals and sepals.The sepals are cup-shaped, lobed and united while the petals are valvate , white and hairy towards the inside.




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