Ice plant/ Mesembryanthemum crystallinum

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Mesembryanthemum crystallinum/ Ice plant/ アイスプラント

学名/ Botanical name : Mesembryanthemum crystallinum

シノニム/ Synonym : Cryophytum crystallinum

English common name :  Ice plant

Alternative English name: common ice plant, crystalline ice plant

日本名 和名: アイスプラント

イタリア語: Italian name: Mesembryanthemum

タイ語名/ Thai name: พืชน้ำแข็ง

原産地/ Original : Africa, Sinai and southern Europe


This flower is spontaneous and plentiful on the sand in the beach near Rome. It is also cultivated in the gardens near the sea, because it is resistant to salinity. Its leaves are edible as salty taste.



Pictures and data are offered by Dr. Mario Berti in Rome. I appreciate Mario’s contribution.


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