Japan/temperate zon, Temparate herbaceous

Small’s Beardtongue/ Penstemon smallii

Small's Beardtongue/ ペンステモン・スモーリー

学名/ Botanical name : Penstemon smallii

English common name :  Small’s Beardtongue

Alternative English name: Small’s Penstemon, Pink Beardtounge

日本名 和名: ペンステモン・スモーリー

原産地/ Original : southern tip of the Appalachians, USA


Numerous, tube-shaped, dark-pink, white-throated flowers are borne on upright.Differing from other eastern penstemons, the flowering branches extend down into the axils of the leafy stems.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penstemon



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