Jerusalem cherry/ Tamasango

Jerusalem cherry/ タマサンゴ

学名/ Botanical name : Solanum pseudocapsicum

English common name :  Jerusalem cherry

Alternative English name: Winter Cherry, Madeira winter cherry

日本名 和名: タマサンゴ 玉珊瑚

日本名別名: フユサンゴ(冬珊瑚)、リュウノタマ(龍の玉)

タイ語名/ Thai name: เยรูซาเลเชอร์รี่ Ye rū sā le chex r̒ rī̀

原産地/ Original : Peru and Ecuador


They are congeners of tomatoes and the fruit is extremely similar to cherry tomatoes in taste and texture, and are therefore easily confused with them. However, the Jerusalem cherry’s poison is primarily solanocapsine.




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