Rabdosia japonica/ Hikiokosi

学名/ Botanical name : Rabdosia japonica 

シノニム/ Synonym : Rabdosia japonica var. glaucocalyx, Amethystanthus glaucocalyx, Isodon glaucocalyx, Plectranthus glaucocalyx, Plectranthus japonicus var. glaucocalyx, Plectranthus maximowiczii, Rabdosia glaucocalyx

English common name :  Rabdosia japonica 

日本名 和名: ヒキオコシ 引起

日本名別名: エンメイソウ(延命草) 

原産地/ Original : Japan, Korea, china,


The flower is about 5 to 7 mm long, almost whitish pale purple, and grows on the side of the top of the branch and the leaf. It is said that entire grounded grass powder works for stomachache and stomach upset.




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