Indonesian wax ginger / Matsukasa ginjya

Indonesian wax ginger / マツカサジンジャー

学名/ Botanical name : Tapeinochilus ananassae

シノニム/ Synonym : Tapeinochilos pungen, Tapeinochilos teysmannianus, Tapeinochilos australis, Tapeinochilos pungens var. queenslandiae, Tapeinochilos queenslandiae, Tapeinochilos pungens var. teysmannianus

English common name :  Indonesian wax ginger  

Alternative English name: pineapple ginger 

日本名 和名: マツカサジンジャー 松毬ジンジャー

原産地/ Original : Queensland, New Guinea, the Indonesian


It has waxy, pine cone-like, terminal, deep red inflorescences which have small yellow flowers emerging from within each bract. Each inflorescence appears on top of a thick, leafless, bamboo-like scape that rises up from the ground.




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