Chinaberry tree/ Sendan

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Chinaberry tree/ センダン

学名/ Botanical name : Melia azedarach

シノニム/ Synonym : Azedara speciosa, Azedarach commelinii, Azedarach deleteria, Azedarach fraxinifolia, Azedarach odoratum, Azedarach sempervirens, Melia azedarach, Melia bukayun, Melia cochinchinensis, Melia commelini, Melia composita,Melia florida, Melia guineensis, Melia japonica, Melia orientalis, Melia sambucina, Melia sempervirens, Melia toosendan

English common name :  Chinaberry tree

Alternative English name: Pride of India, bead-tree, Cape lilac, syringa berrytree, Persian lilac, Indian lilac

日本名 和名: センダン 栴檀

日本名別名: オウチ(楝)、アミノキ

タイ語名/ Thai name: เลี่ยน Liàn

イタリア語名/Italian name: Albero di Chinaberry

原産地/ Original : Indomalaya, Australasia

5-6月頃に、若枝の葉腋に淡紫色の5弁の花を多数、円錐状につけます。果実は長径1.5-2 cmほどの楕円形の核果で、10-12月頃に黄褐色に熟します。

The flowers are small and fragrant, with five pale purple or lilac petals, growing in clusters. The fruit is a drupe, marble-sized, light yellow at maturity, hanging on the tree all winter, and gradually becoming wrinkled and almost white.




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