Nice spurge/ Euphorbia nicaeensis

Nice spurge / ユーフォルビア・ニーサエンシス
Nice spurge / ユーフォルビア・ニーサエンシス

学名/ Botanical name : Euphorbia nicaeensis

シノニム/ Synonym : Euphorbia bazargica, Euphorbia cadrilateri, Euphorbia dobrogensis, Euphorbia goldei, Euphorbia pannonica, Euphorbia pseudoglareosa, Euphorbia stepposa, Euphorbia volgensis, Tithymalus nicaeensis 

English common name :  Nice spurge

Alternative English name: 

日本名 和名: ユーフォルビア・ニーサエンシス


タイ語名/ Thai name:

原産地/ Original : southern and eastern Europe, in Turkey, in the Caucasus and in Algeria


It has erect, simple, ocher-orange stems, usually leafless and covered with leaf scars on most of its length. Leaves are glaucous gray, narrowly lanceolate, oblong or ovate, about 10–75 millimetres long, arranged in apical rosettes and inflorescences.




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