Early-purple orchid/ Orchis mascula

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Orchis mascula/ Early-purple orchid
Orchis mascula/ Early-purple orchid

学名/ Botanical name : Orchis mascula

シノニム/ Synonym : Orchidactyla kromayeri, Orchidactyla pentecostali, Orchidactyla speciosissima, Orchis brevicornis var. fallax, Orchis cochleata, Orchis compressiflora, Orchis falla, Orchis glaucophylla, Orchis kromayeri, Orchis mascula f. longifolia, Orchis mascula subsp. occidentalis, Orchis mascula subsp. signifera, Orchis mascula subsp. tenera, Orchis mascula var. acutiflora, Orchis mascula var. bicolor, Orchis mascula var. fallax, Orchis mascula var. hosti, Orchis mascula var. maritzii, Orchis mascula var. monsignatica, Orchis mascula var. obtusiflora, Orchis mascula var. speciosa, Orchis mascula var. tenera, Orchis monsignatica, Orchis morio f. mascula, Orchis morio var. mascula, Orchis obtusa, Orchis obtusiflora,
Orchis olivetorum, Orchis ovalis,Orchis parreissii,
Orchis patens var. fallax, Orchis pentecostalis, Orchis signifera, Orchis speciosa, Orchis speciosissim, Orchis stabiana, Orchis tenera, Orchis untchji, Orchis vernalis, Orchis wanjkovii, Orchis wilmsii 

English common name :  Early-purple orchid

Alternative English name: blue butcher, blue butcher orchid, male orchid

日本名 和名: オルキス・マスクラ 

Italian name: Orchis mascula, orchide maschia, giglio caprino

原産地/ Original : Europe and Near East

このページはイタリアの友人Mario Bertiさんからの写真をもとに作成しました、ラン科のハクサンチドリ属の近縁のオルキス属に属する多年草、紫、青紫、赤紫や黄色の小さな花が20個くらい集まった花序を作ります。ラン科のハクサンチドリ属の近縁のオルキス属に属する多年草、紫、青紫、赤紫や黄色の小さな花が20個くらい集まった花序を作ります。日当たりのよい草原に生育し、紫が一般的ですが黄色やピンクの花も見られます。

This page is made by picture sent by my old Italian friend Mario Berti. The inflorescence is 7.5–12.5 cm long and it is composed of 6 to 20 flowers gathered in dense cylindrical spikes. Although it called early purple orchid, it has many colors such as yellow or white addition to blue or purple. They grow in the sunny meadows, in groups of different colors, generally the purple are more numerous, but sometimes the yellow are more numerous. The yellow are generally smaller and less robust.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orchis_mascula



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