Cherry var. Edo higan

Cherry var. edohigan/ エドヒガン

学名/ Botanical name : Cerasus spachiana var. spachiana

シノニム/ Synonym : Cerasus itosakura f. ascendens, Prunus itosakura f. ascendens, Prunus pendula var. ascendens, Cerasus spachiana f. ascendens

英名/ English name :  Cherry var. Edo higan

別名/ Alternative English name: Edohigan, Itosakura

日本名/ Japanese name: エドヒガン 江戸彼岸

日本語別名/ アズマヒガン(東彼岸)

タイ語名/ Thai name:ต้นเชอร์รี่ ต้นเชอร์รี่ T̂n chex r̒ rī̀, ดอกซากุระ Dxk sākura

原産地/ Original : Japan


It is a native species of Japan, and as the name (Edo is name of former Tokyo, and Azuma means eastern) suggests, it blooms in the plains of Tokyo and eastern Japan around the equinoctial week in spring, and blooms earlier than Somei-yoshino, the most popular cherry variety and decendant of this variety. The flowers are light pink to white, with five single petals, and the flowers bloom before the leaves. It is known to be a very longivity among cherry blossoms along with Yamazakura, and it is said that the three giant cherry trees in Japan, Yamataka Jindai in Hokuto Yamanashi, more than 2,000years, Usuzumi in Neo Gifu, more than 1,500years and Miharu Takizakura in Fushima over 1,000year Japan are of this Edohigan group. It is used as a mother species of many varieties due to its characteristic of blooming many flowers.


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Usubenihigan /ウスベニヒガン

英名/ English name :  Cherry var. usubenihigan (edohigan) 

日本名/ Japanese name: ウスベニヒガン (エドヒガン)

原産地/ Original : Japan


This variety can be similar variety of Edohigan (C.itosakura) and blooming similar time but color is pale pink.

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The Three Giant Cherry trees in Japan/ 日本三大桜 

Yamataka Jindai Zakura 山高神代桜

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Neo Usuzumizakura 根尾薄墨桜

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Miharu Takizakura 三春滝桜

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