Red passion flower/ ベニバナトケイソウ
Thai/Tropical, Tropical shrub vein

Red passion flower/ Benibana tokeisou

学名/ Botanical name : Passiflora coccinea シノニム/ Synonym : Tacsonia coccinea  英名/ English name : Red passion flower  別名/ Alternative English name: scarlet passion flower 日本名/ Japanese name: ベニバナトケイトウ 日本名別名/ Alternative Japanese name: 緋赤時計草、コッキネア タイ語名/ Thai name: 原産地/ Original : Amazon region  深紅の花を咲かせるトケイソウの仲間です。 It has beautiful dark red flowers which share similarities with those of Passiflora vitifolia. The fruit is usually eaten fresh.… Continue reading Red passion flower/ Benibana tokeisou