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Primrose/ プリムローズ
Primrose/ プリムローズ

学名/ Botanical name : Primula vulgaris

シノニム/ Synonym : Primula acaulis, Primula veris var. acaulis

英名/ English name : Primrose

別名/ Alternative English name: common primrose 

日本名/ Japanese name: プリムローズ

タイ語名/ Thai name: ดอกพริมโรส Dxk phrim ros̄

イタリア語名/ Italian name: Primula a gambo lungo

原産地/ Original :  western and southern Europe、northwest Africa, and southwest Asia 


The flowers are typically pale yellow, though white or pink forms are often seen in nature.



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Primula vulgaris in Italy

Flourishes in April-May in Monte Livata, where is not comon, you’ll find it only in clearings and uncrowdded meadows, about 1400 msm, but it is very common in North Europe and in Great Britain, where you can find it in summer even on the roadsides. In France is called coucou. In Italy the name Primula is used also for Primula veris, that’s why this species, less comon then the other, can be called Primula a gambo lungo, because of its long stem.

Pictures and data are offered by Dr. Mario Berti in Rome. I appreciate Mario’s kindness.

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