Anemone keiskeana/ ユキワリイチゲ
Japan/temperate zon, Temparate herbaceous

Anemone keiskeana/ Yukiwari-ichige

学名/ Botanical name : Anemone keiskeana 英名/ English name : Anemone keiskeana 別名/ Alternative English name: 日本名/ Japanese name: ユキワリイチゲ 日本名別名/ Alternative Japanese name: タイ語名/ Thai name: 原産地/ Original : Japan 早春に咲くキンポウゲ科イチリンソウの仲間の花で、日本原産の花ですが、原産地はあまり雪の多くない西日本だそうです。 A very early blooming small flowers which bears divided leaves above which multi-petalled flowers of a very soft violet, which is so pale that you think… Continue reading Anemone keiskeana/ Yukiwari-ichige