Orange Spider Lily / Kitsuneno kamisori

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Orange Spider Lily / キツネノカミソリ
Orange Spider Lily / キツネノカミソリ

学名/ Botanical name : Lycoris sanguinea

英名/ English name : Orange Spider Lily 

日本名/ Japanese name: キツネノカミソリ 狐の剃刀

タイ語名/ Thai name: ส้มแมงมุมลิลลี่ S̄̂m mængmum lillī̀

原産地/ Original : Japan


Orange spider lily, Japanese name is “Kitsune-no-kamisori” literally means “Fox’s razor” which may be coming from slender shape of leaf.Naked flower scapes emerge from the ground in mid-summer each bearing an umbel of 4-6 orange-red flowers. Each flower is funnel-shaped with six slightly reflexed, petal-like tepals and short stamens.


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