Natal lily/ Kunshiran

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Natal lily/ クンシラン
Natal lily/ クンシラン

学名/ Botanical name : Clivia

英名/ English name : Natal lily 

別名/ Alternative English name: bush lily

日本名/ Japanese name: クンシラン 君子蘭

タイ語名/ Thai name: พุ่มไม้ดอกลิลลี่ Phùm mị̂ dxk lillī̀

原産地/ Original : southern Africa

肉厚の葉とオレンジ色の花を楽しむ園芸植物で、南アフリカの平原が原産です。クンシラン(君子蘭)属 Cliviaは「ラン」とつくが「ラン科」ではなく、ヒガンバナ科の属のひとつです。

Individual flowers have three sepals and three petals, all very similar (although the sepals are typically narrower than the petals) and collectively called tepals. The flower varies in shape from an open cup to a narrow hanging tube. In the species the flowers are mainly in shades of yellow through orange to red. The flowers are arranged in umbels (i.e. the flower-stalks or pedicels radiate from a single point); each umbel has a long stalk or peduncle.



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