Oak/ Nara

Quercus acutissima/ Sawtooth oak/ クヌギ

学名/ Botanical name : Quercus

English common name :  Oak

日本名 和名: ナラ 楢、柞、枹

タイ語名/ Thai name: โอ๊ก

イタリア語名/Italian name: quercia

原産地/ Original : Northern Hemisphere, Americas, Asia, Europe, and North Africa

ナラは、ブナ科 (Quercoideae) コナラ属 (Quercus) のうち、落葉性の広葉樹の総称で、クヌギ、ミズナラ、コナラ、カシワなどの総称です。英語のoak(オーク)という単語(他のヨーロッパ言語も同様)はヨーロッパナラを指す場合が多く、常緑性のカシのみを指す言葉はライヴオーク(live oak)であり、誤訳となることがたびたびあります。英国に分布するoakはナラに相当します。

Oaks have spirally arranged leaves, with lobate margins in many species; some have serrated leaves or entire leaves with smooth margins.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oak


Quercus acutissima/ Sawtooth oak/ クヌギ

学名/ Botanical name : Quercus acutissima

シノニム/ Synonym : Quercus bombyx, Quercus lunglingensis, Quercus uchiyamana

English common name :  Sawtooth oak

日本名 和名: クヌギ  椚、櫟、橡、栩、椡、㓛刀、功刀

日本名別名: ツルバミ(古名)

タイ語名/ Thai name: ฟันเลื่อยไม้โอ๊ค Fạnleụ̄̀xy mị̂ xókh

イタリア語名/Italian name: Quercia a dente di sega

原産地/ Original : Japan, China, Korea, South east Asia


The fruit is an acorn, maturing about 18 months after pollination, 2–3 centimetres long and 2 cm broad. The sap of the tree can leak out of the trunk. Beetles, stag beetles, butterflies, and Vespa mandarinia gather to reach this sap.


Wikipedia English: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quercus_acutissima

Wikipedia 日本語: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%82%AF%E3%83%8C%E3%82%AE

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Quercus dentata/ Daimyo oak/ カシワ

学名/ Botanical name : Quercus dentata

English common name :  Daimyo oak

Alternative English name: Japanese Emperor Oak, Kashiwa Oak

日本名 和名: カシワ 柏、槲、檞

原産地/ Original : Japan, Korea, China


Its foliage is remarkable for its size, reminiscent of an enormous pedunculate oak leaf. The leaves are often retained dead on the tree into winter. It produces acorns 1.2–2.3 cm long and 1.2–1.5 cm broad, in broad, bushy-scaled cups. In Japan, its leaves are used as a wrapping for kashiwa mochi.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quercus_dentata



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Quercus serrata/ Jolcham oak/ コナラ

学名/ Botanical name : Quercus serrata

English common name :  Jolcham oak

日本名 和名: コナラ 小楢

日本名別名: ホウソ

原産地/ Original : China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea

葉は長楕円型で縁に尖った部分があります。花は4 – 5月、若葉が広がる時に咲き、秋に実(ドングリ)が熟します。材は木炭の原料や、シイタケの原木に使われます。

Leaves are up to 17 centimetres long by 9 centimetres wide, leathery, elliptical in shape, with serrated margins. Seeds are oval shaped acorns 1.7–2 centimetres long. It is used as Shiitake masuroom cultivation.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quercus_serrata



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Quercus rubra/ American red oak/ アカガシワ

学名/ Botanical name : Quercus rubra

シノニム/ Synonym : Erythrobalanus rubra, Quercus ambigua, Quercus angulizana

English common name :  American red oak

Alternative English name: red oak, northern red oak, champion oak

日本名 和名: アカガシワ 赤柏、赤槲

原産地/ Original : North America


In many forests, this deciduous tree grows straight and tall, to 28 m , exceptionally to 43 m tall, with a trunk of up to 50–100 cm diameter. The northern red oak is one of the most important oaks for timber production in North America. Quality red oak is of high value as lumber and veneer, while defective logs are used as firewood.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quercus_rubra


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Chinese cork oak/ アベマキ

学名/ Botanical name : Quercus variabilis

シノニム/ Synonym : Pasania variabilis, Quercus bungeana, Quercus chinensis

English common name :  Chinese cork oak

日本名 和名: アベマキ 棈

日本名別名: コルククヌギ、ワタクヌギ

原産地/ Original : Japan, Korea, China


It has thick corky bark with deep fissures and marked by sinuous ridges.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quercus_variabilis



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Common oak/ ヨーロッパナラ

学名/ Botanical name : Quercus robur

シノニム/ Synonym : Quercus abbreviata, Quercus accessiva, Quercus accomodata, Quercus acutiloba, Quercus aesculus,
Quercus aestivalis, Quercus afghanistanensis, Quercus alligata, Quercus altissima, Quercus amoenifolia, Quercus appenina var. cylindracea, Quercus appenina var. rumelica,
Quercus apula, Quercus arenaria, Quercus argentea, Quercus assimilis, Quercus asterotricha, Quercus asturica,
Quercus atropurpurea, Quercus atrosanguinea, Quercus atrovirens, Quercus aurea, Quercus australis, Quercus auzin, Quercus avellanoides, Quercus axillaris, Quercus banatica, Quercus batavica, Quercus bavarica, Quercus bedoi, Quercus belgica, Quercus bellogradensis, Quercus borealis var. pilosa, Quercus brachycarpa, Quercus brevipes,
Quercus brutia, Quercus bruttia, Quercus castanoides, Quercus commiserata, Quercus comptoniifolia, Quercus concordia, Quercus condensata, Quercus coriifolia, Quercus crispa, Quercus croatica, Quercus cunisecta, Quercus cuprea, Quercus cupressoides, Quercus cupulatus, Quercus cylindracea, Quercus dacica, Quercus danubialis, Quercus dilatata, Quercus discredens, Quercus dissecta, Quercus emarginulata, Quercus erucifolia, Quercus esthonica, Quercus estremadurensis, Quercus ettingeri, Quercus extensa, Quercus falkenbergensis, Quercus fastigiata, Quercus femina, Quercus fennessii, Quercus filicifolia, Quercus filipendula, Quercus foemida, Quercus fructipendula, Quercus frutetorum, Quercus geltowiensis, Quercus germanica, Quercus grecescui, Quercus haas, Quercus haerens, Quercus hentzei, Quercus hispanica, Quercus hodginsii, Quercus hohenackeri, Quercus horizontalis, Quercus hyemalis, Quercus imeretina, Quercus immodica, Quercus implicata, Quercus kunzei, Quercus kurdica, Quercus laciniata, Quercus lanuginosa, Quercus lasistan, Quercus lentula, Quercus longaeva, Quercus longiglans, Quercus longipedunculata, Quercus longipes, Quercus louettii, Quercus lucorum, Quercus ludens, Quercus lugdunensis, Quercus macroloba, Quercus madritensis, Quercus malacophylla, Quercus mestensis, Quercus microcarpa, Quercus microcarpa, Quercus monorensis, Quercus montivaga, Quercus natalis, Quercus nescensis, Quercus nigricans, Quercus ochracea, Quercus oelandica, Quercus paleacea, Quercus palmata, Quercus parmenteria, Quercus pectinata, Quercus pedemontana, Quercus pedunculata, Quercus pedunculata, Quercus pedunculiflora, Quercus pendula, Quercus pendulina, Quercus petropolitana, Quercus pilosa, Quercus pilosula, Quercus pinnatipartita, Quercus plebeia, Quercus pluriceps, Quercus pseudopedunculata, Quercus pseudoschorochensis, Quercus pseudosessilis, Quercus pseudotscharakensis, Quercus pulverulenta, Quercus purpurea, Quercus pyramidalis, Quercus pyrenaica, Quercus quaerens, Quercus racemosa, Quercus robur, Quercus rossica, Quercus rostanii, Quercus rubens, Quercus rubicunda, Quercus rumelica, Quercus salicifolia, Quercus scandica, Quercus schlosseriana, Quercus scolopendrifolia, Quercus scotica, Quercus scythica, Quercus semipinnata, Quercus sessiliflora var. condensata, Quercus sessiliflora var. microcarpa, Quercus sessiliflora var. pedemontana, Quercus sessiliflora var. tcharachensis, Quercus sieboldii, Quercus similata, Quercus speciensis, Quercus stilbophylla, Quercus subvelutina, Quercus svecica, Quercus tanaicensis, Quercus tardiflora, Quercus tennesi, Quercus tephrochlamys, Quercus tetracarpa, Quercus tholeyroniana, Quercus thomasii, Quercus tomentosa, Quercus tozzae, Quercus transiens, Quercus tricolor, Quercus tristis, Quercus turbinata, Quercus urbica, Quercus vallicola, Quercus verecunda, Quercus versatilis, Quercus vialis, Quercus viminalis, Quercus virgata, Quercus volhynica, Quercus vulgaris, Quercus welandii, Quercus wolgensis

English common name :  Common oak

Alternative English name:  pedunculate oak, European oak, English oak

日本名 和名: ヨーロッパナラ 欧州楢

タイ語名/ Thai name: โอ๊ก

イタリア語名/Italian name: quercia peduncolata

原産地/ Original : Europe west of the Caucasus.

英語で “Oak” と言えばこの種をさします。学名はラテン語で「硬い楢」を意味する。英名 “Pedunculate Oak” は花梗のあるオークの意味です。ヨーロッパナラの木は林業のために育てられ、その心材は長持ちし、内装や家具へ用いられます。

It is a long-lived tree, with a large wide spreading crown of rugged branches. It is planted for forestry, and produces a long-lasting and durable heartwood, much in demand for interior and furniture work.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quercus_robur



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