Linaria/ Toadflax/ リナリア
学名/ Botanical name  : Linaria spp.

英名/ English name : Linaria

別名/ Alternative English name: Toadflax

日本名/ Japanese name: リナリア

日本名別名/ Alternative Japanese name: ヒメキンギョソウ(姫金魚草)、ムラサキウンラン(紫海蘭)

イタリア語名/Italian name: Linaria

原産地/ Original : Europe,Mediterranean


The flowers are similar to snapdragons, but a little bit smaller with yellow, purple, and pink colors. Linaria flowers grow on dense terminal racemes.


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Common toadflax/ ホソバウンラン

学名/ Botanical name : Linaria vulgaris

English common name :  Common toadflax

Alternative English name: yellow toadflax, butter-and-eggs, wild snapdragon

日本名 和名:  ホソバウンラン 細葉海蘭


The flowers are similar to those of the snapdragon, 25–33 mm long, pale yellow except for the lower tip which is orange, borne in dense terminal racemes.


Purple Toadflax/ ムラサキウンラン

学名/ Botanical name : Linaria purpurea

シノニム/ Synonym : Antirrhinum purpureum, Termontis purpurea 

English common name :  Purple Toadflax

日本名 和名: ムラサキウンラン 紫海蘭

日本名別名: リナリア・プルプレア、パープル・トードフラックス


Its inflorescence is a raceme of flowers occupying the top of the stem. The flower has five lobes arranged into two lips with a spur at the end. The flower is usually light to medium purple in color.



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