Cherry var. Kobuku zakura

KobukCerasus ‘kobuku-zakura’/ Cherry var. Kobuku zakura / コブクザクラ

学名/ Botanical name : Cerasus ‘kobuku-zakura’

シノニム/ Synonym : Prunus ‘kobuku-zakura’, Prunus × kobuku-zakura

英名/ English name : Cherry var. Kobuku zakura

日本名/ Japanese name: コブクザクラ 小福桜

原産地/ Original : Japan


This Kobuku-zakura variety has pale pinkish white double petal flower which produce a few small fruit later from each flower. Kobuku means lucky child and this variety is considered as a hybrid of Chinese sour cherry (Cerasus pseudo-cerasus) and Edo-higan (C. spachiana).



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