Sunflower/ Himawari

Sunflower/ ヒマワリ
Sunflower/ ヒマワリ

学名/ Botanical name : Helianthus annuus

シノニム/ Synonym : Helianthus aridus, Helianthus erythrocarpus, Helianthus indicus, Helianthus jaegeri, Helianthus lenticularis, Helianthus macrocarpus, Helianthus multiflorus, Helianthus ovatus, Helianthus platycephalus, Helianthus tubaeformis

英名/ English name : Sunflower

別名/ Alternative English name: common sunflower

日本名/ Japanese name: ヒマワリ

日本名別名/ Alternative Japanese name: ニチリンソウ、ヒグルマ、ヒュウガアオイ

タイ語名/ Thai name:

原産地/ Original : North America


The name sunflower may derive from the flower’s head’s shape, which resembles the sun, or from the impression that the blooming plant appears to slowly turn its flower towards the sun as the latter moves across the sky on a daily basis. What is often called the “flower” of the sunflower is actually a “flower head” or pseudanthium of numerous small individual five-petaled flowers (“florets”). The outer flowers, which resemble petals, are called ray flowers.



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