Common columbine/ Seiyou odamaki/ Aquilegia flore coeruleo

Common columbine/ セイヨウオダマキ
Common columbine/ セイヨウオダマキ

学名/ Scienetific name : Aquilegia vulgaris

英名/ English name : Common columbine

別名/ Alternative English name: European columbine, Granny’s nightcap, Granny’s bonnet

日本名/ Japanese name: セイヨウオダマキ

日本名別名/ Alternative Japanese name:

Italian name: Aquilegia, Aquilegia flore coeruleo, aquilegia comune

原産地/ Original : Europe


The flowers, in various shades of purple, blue, pink and white, are pendent or horizontal with hooked spurs, and appear in early summer.



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Aquilegia vulgaris vulgarisはラテン語で一般的とか普通のという意味です。日本で見られるセイヨウオダマキは栽培種ですが、イタリアなどヨーロッパではシンプルな青色などの野生種が多く見られるようです。以下はローマの友人Marioさんからの写真は青色のもので、イタリア語ではAquilegia flore coeruleo と呼ばれているそうです。

vulgaris of Aquilegia vulgaris means “common” and, in Italy this flower called Aquilegia flore coeruleo, pictures below are sent from my fried Mario in Rome  with his comments. 

” Flore coeruleo is the Latin locution for blue flower. In Italian we call it simply Aquilegia and the Italian translation of vulgaris can be common or spontaneous, wild, in opposition to the cultivated varieties.”

Aquilegia vulgaris/ Aquilegia flore coeruleo

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