Yellow flag/ Kisyoubu

Yellow flag/ キショウブ
Yellow flag/ キショウブ

学名/Botanical name : Iris pseudacorus 

シノニム/ Synonym : Iris acoriformis, Iris acoroides, Iris bastardii, Iris curtopetala, Iris curtopetala, Iris flava, Iris lutea, Iris pallidior, Iris paludosa, Iris pseudacorus var. acoriformis, Iris pseudacorus subsp. acoriformis, Iris pseudacorus var. acoroides, Iris pseudacorus var. bastardii, Iris pseudacorus var. citrina, Iris pseudacorus f. longiacuminata, Iris pseudacorus f. nyaradyana, Iris pseudacorus var. ochroleuca, Iris pseudacorus f. submersa, Iris sativa, Limnirion pseudacorus, Limniris pseudacorus, Moraea candolleana, Pseudo-iris palustris, Vieusseuxia iridioides, Xiphion acoroides, Xiphion pseudacorus, Xyridion acoroideum, Xyridion pseudacorus

英名/ English name : Yellow flag

別名/ Alternative English name: yellow iris, water flag, yellow-flag iris

日本名/ Japanese name: キショウブ 黄菖蒲

イタリア語名/Italian name: Giaggiolo acquatico, giglio delle paludi, acoro falso, iride gialla

原産地/ Original : Europe, western Asia and northwest Africa


It grows in swamps, in a semi-stagnant stream, and blooms in April-May. The flowers are bright yellow, 7–10 cm across, with the typical iris form.



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