Roof iris/ Ichihatsu

Iris tectorum/ Roof iris/ イチハツ

学名/ Botanical name : Iris tectorum 

シノニム/ Synonym : Evansia tectorum, Iris chinensis, Iris rosthornii, Iris tectorum f. alba, Iris tectorum var. alba, Iris tectorum f. tectorum, Iris tomiolopha

英名/ English name : Roof iris

別名/ Alternative English name: Japanese roof iris, wall iris

日本名/ Japanese name: イチハツ 一初、一八

日本名別名/ Alternative Japanese name: 鳶尾草

原産地/ Original : China, Korea and Burma


It is native of Easy Asia with lavender-blue, bluish-violet, purple-blue, blue-lilac or sky blue flowers. There is also a white form. It has 2 pairs of petals, 3 large sepals (outer petals), known as the ‘falls’ and 3 inner, smaller petals (or tepals), known as the ‘standards’. The falls are obovate (egg-like), or ovate, with darker (or brownish purple/violet).mottling, veining, streaks, or spots, around a toothed or lacinated (fringed), white crest.



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