Golden chain / Kin gusari/ Maggiociondolo

Golden chain/ キングサリ
Golden chain/ キングサリ

学名/ Scienetific name : Laburnum anagyroides

英名/ English name : Golden chain 

別名/ Alternative English name: common laburnum, golden rain

日本名/ Japanese name: キングサリ 

日本名別名/ Alternative Japanese name: ゴールデン・チェーン キバナフジ

イタリア語名/ Italian name Maggiociondolo

タイ語名/ Thai name: ต้นไม้ฝักจำพวกหน

原産地/ Original : Central and Southern Europe


It blooms in late spring with pea-like, golden yellow flowers with sweet scented, densely packed in pendulous racemes 10–25 cm long. The seeds contain cytisine, an alkaloid somewhat poisonous to humans as well as goats and horses, especially when not ripe.

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Some pictures and data are offered by Dr. Mario Berti in Rome. I appreciate Mario’s contribution.

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