Pine/ Matsu

Pine/ マツ
Pine/ マツ

学名/ Botanical name : Pinus

英名/ English name : Pine

日本名/ Japanese name: マツ 松

タイ語名/ Thai name:ต้นสน T̂ns̄n

原産地/ Original : Northern hemisphere


Pines have many species in the world and the genus is divided into two subgenera based on the number of fibrovascular bundles in the needle. Pinus subg. Pinus, the yellow, or hard pine group, generally with harder wood and two or three needles per fascicle.Japanese popular Japanese black pine and Japanese red pine is belong to this group. Other sub gropu, Pinus subg. Strobus, the white, or soft pine group, generally with softer wood and five needles per fascicle. Pinus parviflora, five-needle pine, or Japanese white pine is native Japan and popular for Bonsai.



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